How To Take Care Of Your Feet And Ankles

You want to treat your feet and ankles well so you can count on them treating you the same way. If you take the health and well-being of your feet for granted, then you can find yourself dealing with painful issues before you know it. Here are 4 things you want to make sure you DON'T do to your feet that will help them stay nice and healthy for many years.

Don't gain too much weight

If you are overweight, then you will be putting much more weight on your feet and ankles then they should be taking on. This puts a lot of extra stress on them and can cause you to end up with foot problems like plantar fasciitis, which can bring you a lot of pain and discomfort. If you are currently overweight, then the health of your feet can be one more reason why you should start getting in shape and shedding those extra pounds. Carrying around too much weight can even lead to stress fractures in your feet or ankles.

Don't wear shoes that have high heels on them

Shoes with high heels will put a tremendous amount of pressure on the front of your feet, and these shoes will scrunch your toes up at the end. Wearing these shoes is asking for trouble, and they can lead to plantar fasciitis, bunions and other problems. High heels also increase your chances of spraining or breaking your ankle.

Don't run on hard pavement

If you jog or run for exercise, then you want to be sure you are doing so on ground that isn't going to put your feet at risk of painful problems. This is another way you can put yourself at risk of plantar fasciitis and stress fractures. You want to buy yourself a good pair of running shoes that help to absorb a lot of that shock while you are running and always jog or run on a dirt track or another softer surface.

Don't walk around barefoot outside

If you walk around barefoot, then you are putting your feet in danger of getting cut on pieces of glass, bruised by sharp rocks, or hurt by splinters or thorns. Also, walking around barefoot on pavement or concrete will make the bottoms of your feet become rough and calloused over time. If you don't want to always have to lace up your shoes every time you want to walk to the mailbox or out to water the lawn, then you can keep a pair of flip flops right by the door so you can simply slip right into them on your way out the door. Walking barefoot can also increase your chances of tripping and spraining your ankle.


Keep in mind that it's important to seek treatment for any injury to your foot or ankle right away by going to a podiatrist. To learn more, contact a podiatrist at a location such as the Foot Health Institute.